Oil and Gas Industry

Providing services to public and private companies engaged in oil and gas activities. Services include evaluations, reporting requirements, and representations with proceedings.

Power Generation

Flare Gas to Power

Application of efficient technology to convert wasted hydrocarbon resources to electrical power while capturing carbon credits.

Sustainable Chemicals

Resource Efficiency

Sustainable chemistry is a scientific concept that seeks to improve the efficiency with which natural resources are used to meet human needs for chemical products and services.

  • 1179859 BC Ltd.
    7775458 Canada Inc.
    Admiralty Oils Ltd.
    Alberta Resource Ventures Inc.
    Apex Energy Consultants
    Bonanza Oil and Gas Ltd.
    Canadian Crude Separators Ltd.
    Centennial Petroleum Company
    Chair Resources Ltd.
    Chorn-Oro Resources Inc.
  • Cinch Energy Corp.
    Commonwealth Oil and Gas Ltd.
    Creswick Petroleum Ltd.
    Deutsche Bank AG Canada
    Drilcorp Energy Ltd.
    E and H Royalties Inc.
    Flying Dust First Nation
    Gas Recapture Systems Ltd.
    Glen Isle Exploration
    Geopetrol Resources Ltd.
  • Georox Resources Inc.
    GRS Services
    HCF Mercantile Inc.
    Henderson & Associates Petroleum Consultants
    Keyera Corp.
    Kinloch Resources Ltd.
    Lanex Resources Inc.
    Maxwell Resources Ltd.
    Maxx Petroleum Ltd.
    Petro Canada Ltd.
  • Poplar Point Energy Ltd.
    Pilot Energy Corp.
    Poco Petroleums Ltd.
    Primrose Drilling Ventures
    Ryder Scott Company LLP
    Sabor Energy Ltd.
    Saskatoon Oil and Gas Ltd.
    Simmons Management Ltd.
    SunOcean Energy Ltd.
    TransNation Resources Corp.
    Trincan Capital Corp.