Canadian Upstream and Downstream Energy E&P Operations

PNG Consultants Ltd. – Canadian Upstream and Downstream Energy E&P Operations Evaluations and Business Advisory Consulting.

We provide independent Energy consulting services to SME’s across North America, with a focus on Western Canada.

Our team of experienced Energy professionals listen collaborate and create unique and cost-effective solutions for our Clients.

Energy Oil Natural Gas Solar Water Power Chemicals Hydrogen

Reserve Evaluations

Reserve and Resource Appraisals (NI 51-101) for planning, financing and regulatory reporting.


Wellsite Completions, workovers and abandonment project management, programming and wellsite supervision.


Western Canada AER, BCOGC, ER Conventional and Alternative Energy Regulatory applications and reporting.


Bottom-Line Income Optimization and A&D/M&A guidance


Audit of JV LOE, Revenue, Royalty and Production statements

Sustainable and Alternative Energy

Small Scale Hydrocarbon and Renewables based power and chemical processing and manufacturing.
Sustainable Energy Operations Solutions
I worked with PNG Consultants on several projects (oil and gas). The team are professionals, completing the job to be done the way it is required to be done.
I briefly worked for PNG Consultants, evaluating the geological potential of several oil and gas properties. Since that time (and previously), they have been quite successful at identifying and developing oil and gas properties.
Our Company has done business with PNG Consultants in the past, all in the oil and gas industry. Our respective companies have explored business opportunities together that not only made business sense for both, but were a good opportunity for our respective companies to grow. The team was easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and are always open to explore new ideas.
We would be happy to work with them again in the future if the opportunity arises. We are also considering utilizing their consulting services and experience to assist our Company with evaluating assets we are looking to acquire in the launching of our latest new Company.
In summary, we believe PNG Consultants to be an excellent addition or consultant to any organization as they are thorough, detailed, and meticulous with their anylysis of oil and gas assets.
I have worked with PNG Consultants in the past and they are experienced in Oil and Gas property evaluations and have been involved in several startups. I recommend PNG Consultants and the team.